Traffic data, monitoring, and enforcement that puts advanced mobility solutions to work and empowers transportation professionals to achieve their goals.



We not only cover the service of our product line but also service for products of other companies that are still in use. We adapt to our customer needs.

Our service activities include:

  • Maintenance of our systems and products by TRUVELO and radar speed meters of the type MESTA 208.
  • Support for testing these systems and sites.
  • Installation of in-road sensors of the type
    • Fibre-optic sensors
    • Inductive loops
  • Installation of complete inductive loop systems for capturing traffic data
  • Development of film with pictures of traffic offences
  • Repair services (e.g. after sabotage, exhaustion of sensors etc.)
  • Supporting project work in the area of traffic counting and surveillance
  • Processing of cases within the scope of speed measurement (After Capture Proceeding).
    • Preparation of customers’ case data with high standard security
    • Flexibility for an advantageous price-performance ratio.


Precision-made in Germany

VDS develops, produces, sells and maintains traffic surveillance devices that meet the highest German standards.
With international distribution, our products are improving road traffic safety and enforcing traffic rules worldwide.


Detection with a Difference

VDS offers highly accurate traffic radar technology for traffic monitoring, red-light enforcement, speed enforcement, and speed display signs for traffic calming.
Our engineers have extensive experience with design, deployment and maintenance of these systems.


We are excited to announce that VDS Verkehrstechnik GmbH has been acquired by International Road Dynamics Inc. (IRD) VDS is thrilled to join the IRD family as its newest subsidiary and we look forward to innovating together and continuing to deliver exceptional experiences for customers, partners, and distributors in Germany and the region. Together with IRD we will respond to new opportunities worldwide to enhance transportation safety.



VDS Verkehrstechnik (VDS Traffic Engineering) was founded in 1999 in the state of Saxony in Germany. We specialize in traffic data and products for traffic enforcement. VDS manufactures our products as well as providing comprehensive support including planning, project management, installation and maintenance for both fixed installations and portable solutions. We also offer a wide range of supporting products.

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